M3 offers personalized services and customized approach to every single investigation.


We focus on delivering processed and analyzed information that can be quickly understood allowing the client to take concrete actions and informed decisions. The usage of various techniques during an investigation (research, surveillance, interviews) maximizes the collection of information and provides an overview about the target. Depending on your objective, we will deploy the necessary resources to reach the goal. 

Our team is committed to problem solving and to the success of its operations.


Using reliable resources and creative techniques, M3 have developed an expertise in researching for information. Using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) as our primary tool our methods allow us to respond to a wide range of requests and find solutions to multiple situations.

  • Background investigation
  • Judicial court records  
  • Due-diligence
  • Fraud prevention
  • Theft investigation
  • Deep web & online research
  • Person locates / Skip tracing
  • Assets & property research


We conduct physical surveillance, collect video evidence and prepare a detailed report outlining the daily activities of the person of interest. All of our videos are captured in high resolution and our operations are exclusively performed by experienced investigators.

  • Determine the activities of an individual
  • Investigate a disability claim and physical limitations
  • Identify the source of income
  • Verify the presence of extramarital relationships